Strategic Vision Dual Heritage - Shared Future.

He rae ki te rae, he ihu ki te ihu, te hau ka rere, te hā ka tau.
A meeting of peoples, a mixing of cultures, a blending of heritage, a sharing of future.
Te Hā – and the practice of sharing breath – brings us together. It allows us to acknowledge the past while creating a future together.

The 250th anniversary commemorations will acknowledge the first formal meetings between Māori and Europeans on and off the coast of Tairawhiti in October 1769 and celebrate the voyaging traditions of both cultures.

We'll do this by

  • supporting voyaging legacies
  • promoting education and science programmes
  • collaborating on arts, culture and heritage initiatives to celebrate Pacific and European voyaging traditions and commemorate associated first meetings on and off the Tairāwhiti coast in October 1769
  • accurately communicating accounts of these events in a way that inspires our communities and visitors
  • stimulating tourism and growing Tairāwhiti prosperity through a showcase of our unique heritage
  • coordinating world-class 2019 events that involve the community
  • achieving world heritage status to protect and enhance the region’s historically and culturally significant landscapes and sites associated with Māori and European voyaging traditions.

Dual Heritage, Shared Future

By sharing our knowledge and telling the whole story of Polynesian and European settlements of Aotearoa and the impact of first meetings, we will enhance understanding and empathy within our nation and build a strong foundation for a shared future. The Te Hā Trust’s values are kaitiakitanga, manaakitanga, whanaungatanga, leadership, integrity, mutual respect and inclusivity.